Welcome to my professional page.

This page is housed within my website, Last Road to Freedom. In the last four years, my professional work has centered around the site and, more specifically, around The Register of Freedmen, a Civil War document containing the names of more than 2,100 African American freedpeople including five of my own ancestors. My work has involved transcribing The Register, cross-referencing this document with related materials, and quantitative and qualitative analysis. In 2011, I joined the faculty at Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi so that I could be at one of the epicenters of African American movement during the war and because I wanted to involve students at the historically black college in this important initiative. I have been doing just that, and our developing work can be viewed at our project wiki--Digisense.

A quick Google search of my name will pull up many of my blogs; however, I am looking to concentrate most of them here, so please do visit my new and main blog--The Whale's Hand Too! Here, I will be writing more regularly, sharing even the tiniest developments. I consider it a gift from the universe to have been made a steward of The ROF, and my goals for it include (1) continuing to educate the public about it, as well as about Civil War contraband camps (at which this register and others were created), (2) producing knowledge through analysis, and (3) finding ways to use the document to link families even across race to our past in slavery. I hope you will find reason not just to view these pages but to leave comment.