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Off the track

Life and education in the 21st century
I should know about life on and off the track, the fast track, the Mommy Track. I quite consciously avoided back in 1998 when my Ph.D. was newly minted the tenure track. There was…

Culture Wars Redux

A short response to Heather' McDonald's January 10th, 2014 Wall Street Journal piece--"The Humanities Have Forgotten Their Humanity"
Heather MacDonald, a fellow at The Manhattan Institute and an author of numerous articles and two books, recently penned "The Humanities Have Forgotten Their Humanity" (Wall Stree…

Hello World

This is my first blog post!
Welcome to my new blog: The Whale's Hand Too. Some of you will notice that I have duplicated the name of my HASTAC (Humanities Arts and Sciences Technological Advanced Collaborato…